Arulmigu Thanumalayan Temple, suchindram
Arulmigu Thanumalayan Temple,suchindram
Arulmigu Thanumalayan Temple, suchindram


Thanumalayan Temple, popularly referred to as the Suchindram Temple and is located at 4 kms away from Nagercoil. It is known that Thanu stands for Shivan, Maal stands for Vishnu and Ayan stands for Brahma. All the three forms are intertwined and concatenated form is known as Thanumalayan.

The posture of the Idol contains

Vishnu in the Upper area.

Shivan in the Middle area.

Brahma in the Lower area.

As the sacredness of Lord Indhran took place here, this place is known as Suchindram(Susee + Indhran). It is believed that till date Lord Indhran is doing Arthajama Pooja in this temple. Those who conducted pooja in the evening is not allowed to conduct pooja in the next day morning. The temple Gopuram has got 7 tiers. The gopuram has been depicted with Ramayana and Mahabharatha stories by using herbal juice.

During Vasanthotsavam, Suchindram Perumal along with Umayal is placed in the mandapam surrounded by water. Having 12 stars and Navagrahas in this mandapam is the specialty of this temple. Backside of Vasantha mandapam, Neelakanda Vinayagar having his wife on the lap adds more specialty to this temple.

The Anjaneya or Hanuman statue stands at 22 feet or 3 m and is carved of a single granite block and is one of the tallest statues in India. The temple is an architectural marvel known for its quality of workmanship in stone.

The musical pillars carved out of single stone and which stands at 18 feet is an architectural delight. There are 7 musical pillars in the Alangara Mandapam each cut out of single rock, which emit the sounds of various musical instruments when struck.

The Nandhi in white color of 12 feet and 6 inches in height makes the devotees to remember the Thanjavur Nandhi. The holy tree of this temple is Konnai Tree. The trimurties Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are found in Lingam shape.

Anusuya the wife of Saint Athiri made Trimurties as the children and gave food as per their wish. Then asper the request of Three devis, the wives of Trimurties, Anusuya returned the children in their original form.

All the mandapams have been built during the period of the King Nayakar. This temple is the best example for the architectural work of Dravidian art.

The temple is opened between 4.30am and 11.30 am and 5.00pm and 8.30pm. To worship Lord Anjaneyar, It is opened between 4.00am and 1.00pm in the morning and between 5.00pm and 8.30pm in the evening.

Total area - 4 Acres.

Rajagopuram - 135 Feet.

Height of Giant Nandhi - 12 Feet.

Width of Southern area - 301 Feet.

Width of Northern area - 281 Feet.

Width of Western area - 244 Feet.

Width of Eastern area - 183 Feet.

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